Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whole Foods

I have been wanting to make quinoa lately, so I had planned to go buy some at Trader Joe's this week. But then I saw a deal on for 20 dollars of groceries for 10 dollars at Whole Foods! It was kismet.

So yesterday I went to spend my 20 dollars at Whole Foods. I went to the one in Beverly Hills, and apparently it is like the biggest one there is. It was so awesome! They had so much cool food, and I was basically getting everything 50% off (since I paid 10 dollars for 20 dollars of groceries.)

They had every grain, seed, nut, and type of flour you can imagine in the giant bins, and you could buy as much or as little as you wanted. I got forbidden rice (cool name, huh?), quinoa (the grain that started this whole adventure), and pumpkin seeds (because they are delicious.)

I also bought a few other things. Here are some of them.
whole foods spoils 123
1. Glenn loves peanut sauce. So do I. And I thought this looked delicious and similar to peanut sauce.
2. If you know me at all, you know I couldn't pass up a pint of multi-colored, baby heirloom tomatoes.
3. My groceries only added up to 19 dollars. This chocolate was by the register and it cost 1 dollar.

My mom is coming to visit next week! I am going to save some of the cool stuff I got to cook when she is here. Like the Forbidden Rice.


  1. yay! I can't wait to try forbidden rice :)

  2. i've been to that whole foods! i got a chicken salad sandwich while i was there & it was tasty. i was pretty much just there to do some celebrity stalking, but had no luck. i want to start cooking with quinoa & couscous. {we pretty much eat rice with every meal right now} do you have any good recipes? i know that giada {yep, first name basis} uses quinoa a lot, but i would love to get a recipe that is tried & true. (:

  3. p.s. there is a store here in idaho called winco. it is awesome. they have bins like at a candy store {where they charge by weight} for almost anything: cereal, flour, popcorn, spices, candy, chocolate chips, dog food, dried herbs, etc. it is the best thing ever.

  4. another thing: how you are labeling your pictures makes me think i'm reading the nienie dialouges. (:

  5. We love quinoa! We eat it a lot in place of rice. I love how versatile it is! Congrats on everything - Violet is adorable! We can't wait to see everyone at Christmas :)