Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quinoa - This post is dedicated to Becky

Remember how I went to Whole Foods here? Well, I made the quinoa! And it was delicious!

(And Becky wants to make quinoa, and I'm going to share my "recipe", so that is why I dedicated this post to her. And I really like her.)

I called it a "recipe" instead of just a recipe, because I totally made it up and didn't measure anything. Also, you could definitely add some chicken and it would be delicious, but I've been trying to made vegetarian meals for Glenn and I a couple of times a week. And this was one of them.
1. Cook the quinoa. Basically, you cook it like you would cook rice, but it only takes 15 minutes. Awesome.

2. Make a lemon vinaigrette, with lemon juice, a little honey, and olive oil. Make it in the bottom of the serving dish.

3. The vegetables: I know corn is not really a vegetable, but it the most important thing to include here. You can probably add which ever ones you want. The corn made it so sweet and good though! Cut the kernels off two cobs and saute with red onions. Add chopped fresh parsley to the pan and take off the heat. Add tomatoes and cucumber. I sprinkled in a little feta cheese at the end.

This took me about the same amount of time to make this as it took the quinoa to cook. We ate it warm that night, but the next day we had it cold for lunch, and it was delish! I think I even like it cold better.

p.s. Quinoa is super healthy. Here is what my cookbook, "Super Natural Cooking" says about it: "...thought to promote cardiovascular health, stave off certain cancers, tame headaches and migraines, provide antioxidant protection, and on and on. This is the grain credited with keeping Incan armies strong and resilient." Cool, huh?


  1. yay!! can't wait to try this. it sounds & looks delicious!

  2. Afton, you make food sound wonderful :) and I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  3. awesome! We made some quinoa the other day and I liked it a lot. Unfortunately my crazy pregnant hormones didn't and anytime I even thought about eating the leftovers, I gagged...we ended up throwing a bunch away and now I can't think of eating again:(