Thursday, September 8, 2011

Break in the Action

Sorry, you'll have to wait for "Apartment Makeover - 2 of 2" until tomorrow. The unexpected has happened: they are fumigating our apartment and only gave us a day and a half notice! Violet can't be in the apartment for 12 hours after the fumigation, so we are staying here:
Beautiful, huh? We are so lucky to have family close to us in LA. My mom's cousin Peggy is so nice, and was totally ok with us coming to stay with her for a couple of days. Their house is awesome, and Peggy is an amazing cook. It is a great place to be waiting out a fumigation! I really appreciate family now that I'm living away from most of mine.


  1. Peggy has a beautiful place - and she takes after Aunt Erma in making everyone feel welcome and loved. Have fun!

  2. And, I am glad you appreciate us now :)