Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soccer Team

Soon I will be doing this again!
This morning I got this email:
Hi Afton,

My name is Arielle. I manage the Sparkle Motion team you approached last Saturday. You spoke to some of the girls and your information was forwarded to me from Erin. Sorry I could not be there myself to meet you, as I was ill and couldn't play.

Why don't you come out this Saturday?

Our game is at 8:30 am (early I know) and play. Let's see how you feel playing with us and what kind if chemistry we all have. This way if you decide we are raging b*****s, you haven't wasted your money, haha. Totally kidding, we are a really great bunch of girls, super fun and warm. Most of us have known each other a long time and have played many seasons together.

Black shorts, white socks, shin guards and cleats to play. Look for us in our green jerseys.

Feel free to call or text me and I look forward to meeting and playing with you!


I realize that I probably could have just told you what the email said instead of pasting the whole thing on this post. I censored it for you.
So on Saturday I'm going to the game! Glenn and VIolet are going to come watch. I'm just excited to play again! It's been a little over a year, and I bet I'm SO out of shape.

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