Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Years - A timeline

Today is mine and Glenn's fifth anniversary!  To celebrate, I figured I'd recap the last five years - briefly :).  But with lots of pictures.  Here is what's been going on:

YEAR 1 - 2009 (We got married in 2008, but obviously at the very end of the year, so I'll start with 2009)

This was the year we got married and went to ASU together for the spring and fall semesters.  We have such good memories of those semesters being in school together.
(engagement pic)

(in Belize for our honeymoon)

YEAR 2 - 2010

This was the year we graduated together from ASU.  My last semester was student teaching, and it was a very stressful experience, and I was SO blessed to have Glenn along for the ride with me.  Also, that fall, I started teaching for real.  And also I got pregnant.  And Glenn get accepted to USC for dental school!  It was an eventful year.
(My first day of teaching!)

YEAR 3 - 2011

I finished my first year of teaching, and a few weeks later we had Violet.  And a few weeks later we moved to California for dental school!
DSC_0993 copy
(Glenn's first day of dental school!)



YEAR 4 - 2012

Lived in Cali and loved it!  

YEAR 5 - 2013

And continued to live in Cali and love it!  I guess there isn't much to say about the last couple of years beyond that.  Uh, I guess this is the year we realized we somehow ended up with the sassiest daughter ever, but also the smartest/prettiest/happiest one too.  Also I'm pregnant again, so that is a big deal.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary Glenn!  It's been the best five years I could have asked for!

Friday, December 6, 2013

"I'm a Reindeer"

I am behind on blogging, but here is a quick video to get you in the Christmas spirit!