Monday, September 26, 2011

My new project

I have a new friend in my ward, which is awesome, because I definitely need some friends around here. She said we should get together sometime and crochet, so I started a new crocheting project! I started it last week, and I think we are going to crochet together today.

You will see that in order to take this picture, I had to risk waking Violet up as I laid the blanket over her. Which as any mother of a baby knows, this was very brave, because her sleeping time is very precious to me.
It is white and green. You know how some people spend tons of time making a really cute nursery during the time they are pregnant? I would have loved to do that, but we didn't have a room for her while I was pregnant. Now we have this prefect big room for her, but it isn't very cute. I've been kind of ignoring it since we've moved here. I'm going to try harder to decorate it. I wanted the color scheme to be green, so this blanket it green and white. It is the biggest project I could tackle towards improving Violet's room for now!

(p.s. Violet slept for 11 hours last night! That means I was awake with just Glenn for 2.5 hours before I went to bed, slept for 8 hours, and still woke up before Violet! It was awesome.)


  1. Your project is awesome - and a great start on the improvement of Vi's room! Roni made an awesome lamp for Davey - you'll have to get her to send a pic (I haven't seen it yet).

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  3. I will be in the same predicament in March....I wonder what project I will do to expend my nesting energy since I can't decorate a room:)