Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Kitchen Smells like Basil

My kitchen smells like basil, which is wonderful, but it came at a high price. Here's a sad farmers' market story for you:

Last time we went to the farmers' market, we spent about 6 dollars on food. We parked at a meter that cost 3 dollars for an hour, and made it back just before our hour was up. However, we found a parking ticket for 53 dollars on our windshield. Apparently we were about one inch out of the paring space. So we spent about 50 dollars more on parking than on food that day.

Today, I went by myself. I drove up to a parking structure right by the market just to see how much it cost. 3 dollars for every ten minutes. Then someone drove up behind me and I was trapped! So I parked there, shopped as fast as I could, and ended up spending $9.40. And about 4 dollars on food. So not as bad as the first time, but it would be cool if we could figure out how to spend less on parking than we do on food!

(Here is what I made for dinner last night. So good!)


  1. Afton, That looks yummy. I would like to taste it.

  2. I want that dinner when I come to see you next please! - Mom