Friday, September 9, 2011

Apartment Makeover - 2 of 2

As promised, here is the second project we have recently completed!

Remember this picture?
picture project
Remember how I said Violet was "helping" me with a project? And that I might show you the completed project "tomorrow"? And how that was like two weeks ago? Well...

Now this:

Looks more like this:

I needed a place to put all our framed pictures, and I thought that random moulding would be a good place for them. They aren't actually resting on the moulding. Glenn hung them on nails because he said if they were just resting on the moulding they would fall as soon as we had an earthquake. (Glenn is really excited for our first earthquake.)

Oh, and this picture is for you mom. She says I don't post enough pictures of myself on this blog, but I just found this one when I was getting these other pictures off the camera.
[At Santa Monica with Violet and Glenn (behind the camera this time). Notice, Violet is wearing her USC sun hat! So much school spirit at such a young age!]


  1. Thanks Afton! I appreciate the picture of you (and Violet). You look great :)

    The pictures look good - where is the other frame?

  2. Your home is darling. I love all the frames! Also, I'm very impressed with Glenn's construction skills.

  3. so cute!! it looks very home-y already!

  4. Fun! It took me like 8 moths to put up pictures in our first apartment. It makes it feel so much mroe homey doesn't it? And I love the picture of you and violet. I agree with your mom, you need to put up pictures of you!

  5. In the picture with all the photos, I feel like you chopped off a little piece on the right. #insidejoke

  6. Very funny Courtney. I didn't even do that on purpose!