Monday, September 19, 2011

The White Coat Ceremony! - and Vi skim boards.

At last! Here are some pictures of the white coat ceremony that I promised I'd share so long ago:
(Love this picture. What the heck is Vi doing with her head??)
Glenn's parents came into town, just for the ceremony, and it was so fun having them here! Glenn's dad is an alumnus of USC dental school, and the photographer was so excited to take a picture of Glenn and his dad together! I wish we'd gotten some pictures of the actual ceremony, Glenn was in the front row! He looked so handsome and legit in his white coat. Did you know that his USC ID says "Dr. Glenn LeSueur" on it? Cool, huh?

We went to the beach the day after the ceremony. This time, it was Glenn's dad who was the only one brave enough to get in the water. The water was much warmer this time, but I didn't bring my swimming suit! I really wished I'd brought it so I could get in. Since the day was so warm, this time we let Violet walk in the sand. And skim board.
Violet skim boarding
at beach with LeSueurs


  1. It's so fun reading your blog because we are in the same boat with life right now. I just wished we lived closer so we can save each othere's sanity while our husbands are gone studying :)

  2. everybody looks great in these pictures! i didn't know glenn's dad went there for school- that's awesome! loving the pictures of violet skim boarding- so cute. i really like her dress in the pictures at the ceremony too! the campus is so beautiful- the buildings all looks amazing!!!

  3. Violet's dress at the white coat ceremony is adorable! She is such a cute human I can barely stand it!

  4. I think Violet is going to take after her Dad and be a good skim-boarder (is that a word?) :)