Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Video! (Violet Walking)

So I'm a little late posting today! Today we uploaded all of the videos we have taken of Violet from our video camera to our computer, and it was so fun to watch them! I can't believe how much tinier she was when she was born than she is now! It made me so happy to see the very first video, when she was so brand new. I also love that she is now so strong and thriving!

Here is a video we took today, but we could have taken it any time in the last month. Every night, when it is close to Vi's bedtime and she is getting a little fussy, we go sit on the front porch. She is always calm when we are outside. Every night Glenn has Violet practice her walking, and it is so cute. So tonight, I finally video taped it! Enjoy!

(the video is choppy, sorry)