Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smarty-pants LeSueur

That title refers to Glenn, of course. We don't know if Violet is smart yet.

Glenn will probably be embarrassed that I'm sharing this story, but it made me so happy! This weekend he spent a lot of time working on a homework assignment that he turned in online on Sunday. In his class on Monday, his teacher said, "I've noticed some of you are not doing the assignments very well. But who is Glenn? He did the assignment perfectly! You should all do it like him." He proceeded to use Glenn's summary as an example of what everyone's should be like. Cool, huh? Dental school is full of smart people, and Glenn is the smartest!

I love that Glenn is so smart, but he is also so humble! So, because I'm his wife, I get to brag for him.

(He looked particularly handsome on this day as he left for school, so I sneakily took a picture)


  1. This is really Jackie - and way to go Glenn!

  2. yay Glenn! Awesome. How's your carving coming?? :)

  3. way to go glenn!!! i'm glad that you are his wife & can brag for him- it is well deserved.