Friday, September 16, 2011

Violet Smiles

Violet has been amazingly smiley these days! Sometimes, she smiles while I'm trying to feed her, and it takes her forever to finish eating. Which is kind of annoying, but mostly SO cute. Seriously, probably the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life is when I'm nursing her, and I feel her stop, and when I look down at her she has a giant smile on her face with milk running down her chin.

I'm sure I can get a video of her smiling better, but this is the best I have for now. She always gets a little serious when she sees the camera or video camera out.

Yesterday Glenn didn't have school. We wanted to do something fun, so we took the shuttle to campus, then walked the rest of the way (not very far) to the Science Center! Acutally, first we went to the Museum of Natural History, which looked awesome, but cost money to get in. We thought it was free. So we walked to the Science Center, which is just through the Rose Garden (so pretty and awesome!), and it turned out the Science center was free. We spent about and hour and a half playing there and we only saw maybe a quarter of it. Violet is going to love that place when she is older! This time she mostly napped in the baby carrier. She woke up during the earthquake simulation.
(us waiting for the bus. I don't know if you can tell, but all three of us totally matched.)


  1. I can tell - good job on the outfits matching :) and Violet is so cute when she smiles! Well, she is beautiful all the time - but I love the smiles.

  2. WHAT A GOOD LOOKING FAMILY! That really is what I thought when I looked at that photo.

  3. how fun! Way to go exploring Afton:)

  4. she has the cutest smile ever!!! love it!