Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I did with my manioc

Behold, my manioc root:
Pretty impressive right?  After I advised you to google manioc, I did so myself, and here is what came up for images with the caption "preparing manioc root":
So now you have an idea of what it looked like around here as I made dinner last night.  Anyway, I just read this crazy vegan cookbook (Veganomicon) and this recipe looked interesting enough to make.  It is basically a Jamaican curry (how I procured Jamaican curry powder is a story for another time) topped with mashed manioc root to make a strange shepherd's pie.
We loved the curry filling.  It was basically sweet potatoes, kidney beans, and plantains in the curry sauce.  We both went back for seconds, but my only complaint is that regular old mashed potatoes could be vegan, and would taste better than manioc.  So next time I will just use mashed potatoes on top, or just serve the curry over rice.  Or naan!  Yum!  

Also, when I uploaded the pictures from the camera,  I ran across this gem of Violet and her best friend Parker, who just moved away this weekend!  We will miss you Parker! (and Courtney!  I especially will miss you, Courtney!)
p.s.  Paul, Glenn will probably miss you too.  Wouldn't want you to feel left out :) 

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  1. Afton, you are a maniac with that manioc root stuff! (I just really wanted to use those 2 words in a sentence together.)