Monday, July 2, 2012

Our TV is deadsies

This beauty died yesterday:
I know what you are thinking: "Afton, that tv is from 1995, of course it died.  I am surprised it lasted until yesterday."  At least that is what I am thinking, if you aren't.

I am actually kind of excited about not having a tv for a while.  The only downside is that I was really into Wimbledon, and seriously watching like 6 hours of it a day, and now I will just have to rely on updates on the internet.  (On the other hand, maybe it is an upside that I won't be watching 6 hours of tennis a day?)

Glenn and I are really excited about the Olympics, so it would be cool if we could get a tv by then.  If those weren't coming up, I would probably try to convince Glenn that we don't really need a tv at all.  So if we don't get a tv by the Olympics, it won't be the end of the world, but we are checking out craigslist until then!

p.s.  I bought a manioc root.  I am making it for dinner tonight.  Google that if you want to be impressed by my sense of adventure.


  1. I am impressed -how was it?

  2. Go you! We seriously rarely if ever watch tv. And since you can watch pretty much everything online, we do that mostly. Have you watched the newish PBS sherlockbseries? We loved it!

  3. Thats supposed to be Sherlock series. Weird computer.