Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Girlies

We got to watch these two cute girls from our ward a couple of days ago, and this picture was so cute, I couldn't stand not to share it.

They thought getting rocked in the rocking chair was the best thing ever!
See Violet's bandaids? 
She had her one-year-old appointment at the doctor and got a bunch of shots.  She was so brave and barely even whimpered!  Incidentally, she is in the 30% for height, but still <5% for weight :(.  However, she did show the doctor where her belly button was, and he was properly impressed.


  1. Well, knowing where your belly button is is an important piece of knowledge. I am glad that Violet has learned it so young.

  2. My question - did you cry when Violet got her shots?