Monday, July 30, 2012

Just us again

Well, the family is gone, and it is just Glenn, Violet, and I here again!  We will be in Arizona in a week and a half though, so we won't miss our family for too long.

We had such a good time with Glenn's family.  On Friday, we finally made it to the beach with everyone!  Everyone else went several times during the week, but Glenn had school until Friday.  Can you believe we only took ONE picture the whole time?  Here it is:
Violet is sure going to miss her grandma!  As soon as Terri would walk into the room, Violet would run to her with her arms in the air!  If Terri wasn't holding Benson, she was holding Violet.  And as you can see, sometimes she was holding both of them.

The highlight of the reunion for me was having all of Violet's cousins around.  She had so much fun!  Even though most of them are a lot bigger than her, she loved running around after them!  Now it is time for her to sleep a little more though, which is something she didn't do much of while everyone was here :)

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