Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Here is a picture of my presents that I opened this morning!  However, I looked so awful in this picture, I found it needful to blur out my face.
The book and Sound of Music soundtrack are from Glenn.  I already started the book, and I am loving it!  The knife is from my family, and I AM SO EXCITED TO CHOP THINGS FOR DINNER TONIGHT!  I have been wanting a good chef's knife forever!  Thanks family!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And what fun gifts! We just got the internet yesterday and so I've been catching up on my blogs. It looks like Violet had an awesome first birthday. We totally miss you guys like crazy! Guess what, Parker got us kicked out of the library. :( Maybe we'll have to drive back to LA for storytime!

  2. I'm so happy you liked your birthday presents! Having a good knife also makes a world of difference in the kitchen! Also, I'm just gonna say it- with the blurry face and the knife, this picture looks kinda scary...

    1. I know! LIke a evidence in a murder trial...

  3. Afton, that is literally the creepiest picture in the world.

  4. i don't remember you telling me about the SOM soundtrack! LOVE!! the best part: when the children are singing the sound of music and then captain von trapp slowly and quietly joins in... awh. i'm watching that movie as soon as i get home from church tomorrow, it's been almost a month since i last watched it! {must be a record... ha ha!}