Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Family Walk

We take a walk nearly ever evening together, but usually Violet is in her stroller.  Last night, we decided to see if she could walk instead.  Success!  

First, she held hands with us:

Then, about ten minutes in, she let go and took off on her own:

We just walked once around the little block we live on, but it took us well over half an hour!  It was so fun to watch her explore.  She could pause, examine something on the grounds for a  minute, and then stand up and keep going.

When she started to seem tired, we tried picking her up and carrying her the rest of the way, but she wasn't having it.  She cried until we put her down and let her walk by herself!

p.s. We are off to go hiking to celebrate the Fourth this morning!  Don't worry, we won't make Violet walk this time. :)


  1. As sad as I am for you that you were up at 5:41 AM, this is a good post with lots of good pictures.

  2. I really appreciate that you noticed that.