Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Newport Temple/Beach Trip

Last weekend we had such a fun trip with our ward, and I actually remembered to take some pictures!  First we went to the Newport Temple.  Since we had Violet with us and couldn't do the session with the rest of the ward, we "took turns" doing initiatories.  I say "took turns" instead of just took turns, because we were a little late to the temple and I went first, and by the time I was done, our ward was out of the session.  So basically Glenn just watched Violet outside the temple, and never got a turn to go in.  

(warning: this post contains A LOT of pictures.  I understand if Violet's grandparents are the only ones who actually look at them all.)

After the temple, we went to our Bishop's beach house on Balboa Island.  It was so beautiful there!  Glenn and I definitely want to go back and explore the town sometime.  This time we just hung out at the beach house, and ate the amazing lunch the bishop had waiting for us, and played on the beach.  Or, I should say, Glenn and Violet played on the beach while I took pictures from the shade of the porch while I chewed the fat with the others who never ventured into the sun.  (chewed the fat=talked.  Just in case you don't know what that gross phrase means.)  Normally I'm not so boring, but I was REALLY sunburned from the beach a couple of days before with Kenny and Annie.  Here are the rest of the pictures:
(Our bishop's wife with Violet, and the only other kid from our ward that came on the trip)

(This poor, poor dog.  Violet loved him so much.)

(It took quite a bit of coaxing from Glenn to get Violet to sit in his lap like this.  For most of the kayaking, she insisted on standing in the front of the boat laughing.)

It was a great trip!  We are already planning to do it again once school starts back up and our ward isn't so small.


  1. My goodness, Violet is so beautiful :)
    What happened to her poor little lip?

    And I especially love the picture of her sitting in the boat by Glenn.

    1. She fell on the sidewalk and hit her face on the ground so hard! It was when Kenny and Annie were here. She cried so hard, but the swelling is gone now, and the scab is already healing.