Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth

Happy July 4th yesterday!  I hope you had a good one.  Ours was wonderful for the first 40% and wonderful for the last 40%, with a small 20% of suckiness right in the middle.

We went hiking again!  Since we borrowed our friends' baby carrier last week and had so much fun hiking, we decided we needed to go one more time before we returned it (thanks Lauren!).  This hike was really close to the one we did last week, and about the same length, 4 miles.  It was cool because at the end of the canyon, so two miles in, you get to this old huge ranch house that got burned out.  The stone stairs and floors are still there, so you can see the layout of the house, and walk around in it.  I didn't think it sounded that cool, but once we got there, I loved it!  If you hike for just one more minute past the house, there is a pretty little waterfall.
We started hiking around 7:30, and it was totally empty.  I think we saw two other people the whole way up.  One the way down, we saw a lot more people.  I think the park officially opens at 8, so we beat the rush.  One of the groups we saw was from Biggest Loser!

In the evening, we went to our ward's Fourth of July party, and had a great time.  Here's the sucky thing that happened in the middle of the day:  When we got home from the hike, we realized Glenn's wallet was gone.  We looked everywhere and couldn't find it, so Glenn drove back to the trail (now that it was the afternoon and everyone was headed to the beach, it took him an hour to get there instead of the half hour it took us in the morning) and he redid the hike and looked for the wallet.  And never found it.  So he came home and canceled his credit card.  Wah wah.  

Other than that, the day was great.  And I ate A LOT of hamburgers and hot dogs at the party, so Happy Birthday America!


  1. haha to Dad's comment, and when we come, let's do that hike instead of the stinky one!