Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Haikus

My family has the strange but nice tradition of writing haikus on birthdays.  So on your birthday, you get several haikus written about yourself, which is pretty fun!  I though I'd share the ones Violet got yesterday!  Here they are: 

We'll see her Friday!
Violet, our first grandchild
She is beautiful!
From Grandma

It's cool to be one.
Vi is walking everywhere-
and gets to eat cake!
From Annie

Vivacious Violet (pronounced Vi-let)
Always grooves alone.
From Kenny

What? Violet's (again, Vi-let) birthday
already? She has learned much
in one year of life.
From Grandpa

You can't read this yet,
but someday when you read it,
you'll know I love you!
From Courtney

You like to read books
And you like to growl a lot.
Such a silly girl!
From Mom

Violet is sweet.
She is obsessed with books
Just like her mama.
From Dad

My birthday is in two days, and I can't wait for my haikus!


Proof that she ate something besides cake at her party :)


  1. i really like all of them, but i think i like kenny's the most. "always grooves alone" just made me laugh so so hard!!

    all i want for my birthday this year is a haiku.

  2. I feel famous :) our haikus are published!

  3. "She likes to groove alone" is a super awesome line. Also, here is Judson's haiku that he forgot to send on time:

    "You are little now
    But as soon as you get big
    I'll teach you parkour."