Friday, February 17, 2012

My first foray into the world of cooking tofu...

I just couldn't let this whole month of vegetarianism go by without cooking some tofu, right? Actually, Glenn probably thinks I could have. But he was such a good sport, and agreed to try some.

So I made this: tofu with tons of veggies and a coconut milk/peanut sauce over brown rice. You know it is going to be good for you when it starts out like this, right?
First I cooked all those veggies, then I cooked the tofu. Then mixed it all together.
And the verdict? Really good. The sauce and the vegetable were delicious.

But, how is this for a twist ending?

Glenn kind of liked the tofu, and I thought it was kind of weird.


  1. I made tofu once and it was a disaster. I can't get over the texture. I need to get over my fear and try it again but I just can't do it. So bravo to you for doing it and even making it in a way where your husband likes it. PROPS to you!

  2. i love bok choy! i have a really yummy dessert recipe using silken tofu! it's like a dark chocolate mousse. so delish! i'll message it to you.