Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last night was awesome in all all ways but one. Here is what happened:

A guy in our ward wanted to go to the Van Halen concert last summer (I'll try to get this story back around to last night pretty quickly). Apparently, the only way he could get a ticket was to also buy a bunch of VIP box tickets to a Kings game (hockey). So he offered four tickets to our friends in our ward, Paul and Courtney, who also happen to know that Glenn is a huge hockey fan, so they invited us! The game was last night and we both got babysitters. To make it even more awesome, our friends live like less than a five minute walk from the Staples center, so we just parked in their garage. Parking for the Staples center is CRAZY so it was so cool that that wasn't even an issue for us.
(Seriously, it is impossible to take a decent picture at a hockey game.)
The game was awesome. It was 2-2 and in literally the LAST SECOND of the game the Kings scored the winning goal. Glenn was in heaven. Also, we got to use the VIP entrance, the VIP elevator, and joke about the "poor people" at the game who weren't us. (haha, we were probably the four poorest people in the stadium. Paul is also a dental student.) Also, there was all this delicious free food for us in the box! Like this giant and delicious chocolate chip cookie.
This brings me to my failure. There were also sub sandwiches in that amazing box. Full of ham. And I ate one without even thinking. I didn't even make it ONE DAY into my vegetarian month without messing up! Oh well, I guess I'll just continue my month one day into March to make up for it.

For dinner before we left, I made this delicious pasta:
I've made it many times, and both Glenn and I love it, but the recipe will have to wait til tomorrow, as it is about time to wrap this post up.


  1. I love that pasta! And that is funny about you already messing up being a vegetarian. Also, I don't understand why VIP boxes are the farthest away from the rink.

  2. Wow, that pasta looks amazing! Paul has been wanting to have a few more vegetarian meals but I'm not creative enough to whip 'em up. So, share the recipe!