Monday, February 13, 2012

3 good things

Aren't Sundays the best? Three good things that happened this Sunday:

1. Violet was SO good in church. She just played on the floor or in my lap for all of sacrament meeting. This is the first time I haven't had to take her out or at least stand in the back with her in months.

2. We had cottage cheese-chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry syrup for lunch. It was awesome.

3. During Violet's nap, when I asked Glenn if he would like to play Starcraft with me, he said, "no, let's watch Sound of Music." But then later, when we did play Starcraft, we beat four computer zerg teams against just the two of us!

What good things happened to you on Sunday?


  1. We had an awesome steak dinner with shrimp-kabobs. I cooked the steaks on the grill with an arugula leaf from our garden on each one.
    Church was great. McKay Angle is leaving for his mission and gave a good talk.
    At night we watched our new favorite show on TV - "Downton Abbey"

  2. I liked it that Kenyon & Annie and Courtney & Judson were over. It was fun to visit and play Boggle. And on Downton Abbey - it is more fun to watch because Kenyon & Annie like it too so we can all groan and cheer together :)

  3. it would be a dream come true if cade ever asked me if i wanted to watch the sound of music!!!! captain von trapp is so dreamy. {and such a creepster now}