Friday, February 24, 2012

Dessert, yum!

This month I have been cooking dinner more often than usual, I really have. The other thing I've been cooking a lot? Dessert.

There is a reason. Even though I've been cooking a lot, there is still the occasional day when we have a REALLY lame dinner. Like chips and guac. Or scrambled eggs. Lots of my easy, go-to meals have meat in them, and I'm still getting used to vegetarian meals I can cook on the fly. So when I know we are going to have a really lame dinner, I figure we can enjoy it if we know there is dessert at the end.

Things I've made lately: giant chocolate chip cookies (Like five times in the last couple of weeks), brownie pudding (twice in the last month), and last night: Chocolate mini-cheesecakes! YUM!

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