Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Veggie Lasagna

Another vegetarian meal success!

A few months ago at our ward's break-the-fast, we had lasagna. There were like five different ones and Glenn got a different one than me. He loved the one he picked, so I tried it, and realized he was eating the vegetarian one! So going into this month of vegetarian meals, I knew I wanted to get that recipe.

The recipe was more of a flexible outline. I will share with you what I made. One different thing about this lasagna is rather than boil the noodles, you make it the night before with uncooked noodles, refrigerate it overnight, and then back the next day. The texture of the noodles was wonderful, much better than other lasagnas I've made where I boiled the noodles first.

Another good thing about this lasagna: you get to eat this big pile of veggies!

Here is the "recipe":
Basically, you cook some veggies with garlic and onion in a big skillet. I picked zucchini, summer squash, asparagus, and carrots. The recipe also suggested bell peppers, which probably would be delicious, so I'll have to make this again in the summer when the bell peppers aren't so expensive.

Then you assemble the lasagna:
Put some tomato sauce on the bottom of your 9x13 (I just used a jar of store-bought sauce)

Then layer:
noodles (uncooked!)
(repeat two more times and put mozzerella cheese on top.)

Bake for an hour at 350!

It was SO GOOD. Glenn loved it too, and we have enough for two more dinners! That is what I call a success!

post update: I'm eating leftovers for lunch right now and it is even better the second day! I don't know what makes this lasagna so much better than others but it is the best!

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