Wednesday, February 29, 2012

She talks

This cutie said mama yesterday. Like yelled "MAMA" right at me to get my attention.
(She has been making the sound for a couple of weeks, but this time I think she was really talking to me!)

She also loves the fans lately. Specifically the chains that hang down from them.


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  2. Gah!!!!! When I saw the title of this post I freaked out a little! Of course she would say mama first! You're her best friend and she loves you to pieces! How exciting! I bet Glenn can't wait for her to say daddy! You go Violet-smarty pants!

  3. Love you Annie! Your comment made me happy. I wish we were seeing you guys soon! And that you guys would supply Violet with a cousin soon ;)

  4. I'm ok with cousins being supplied :)
    Yay Violet - doesn't it make you happy that she can talk to you now?