Monday, February 6, 2012

This weekend

This weekend my parents came to visit! It was wonderful to have them here! On Saturday, we went to Santa Monica to shop, and also to try a trendy vegan restaurant that I'd hear of called RFD. It stands for Real Food daily, and I used my New Years Resolution of Vegetarian February as leverage in convincing the meat-loving men to consent to this place for lunch.

It was really cool inside, and my food was GOOD! I think I ordered the best thing. It was Kung Pao Tempeh, and I loved it. There was one thing in it we didn't recognize, so we asked what it was, and it turns out it was Lotus Root. Didn't even know you could eat that. It was good and crunchy, like a water chestnut.
(Cool light fixtures)
(Violet trying to escape from her high chair)
(The lotus root)
(Violet and her grandpa!)

It was so good to have my parents here. I'm glad we have Violet so we can lure them here for a visit once in a while!

p.s. Here's a sad story for you: One of my favorite parts of the day is when Violet is napping and I make myself lunch. I have a tuna sandwich or soft-boiled eggs every day for lunch when Glenn is gone. Tuna fish is out this month obviously, so eggs it is. I pride myself on the perfection of my soft-boiled eggs. And today they were undercooked and gross. However, this weekend my mom made me a pile of chocolate cookies, so I had some for dessert and the meal was salvaged. The end.


  1. FYI, her grandpa can make the same face Violet is making - he made me laugh tonight with how much it looked like Violet!

  2. HA Mom didn't deny that it's Violet that lures her to California. I thought for sure she would deny that.