Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She moves!

On Saturday, Violet achieved forward motion! She has been scooting backwards for a while now, but this weekend she really got going on the army crawl. Then, yesterday, she pulled herself up to standing! It was amazing to watch. I can't believe how strong and smart she is!

Also, I always put Violet in her room with her toys while I shower in the morning. Today, when I got out of the shower, she had scooted all the way to the doorway of her room. I'm going to have to close the door to her room if I don't want her to get into the shower with me tomorrow!

p.s. Has anyone read anything by Ann Patchett? Like State of Wonder or Bel Canto? I just watched an interview of her, and she seems so cool! So I hope her books are cool because I'm going to get them next time I'm at a bookstore.

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