Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yum, Lunch!

I made myself THE BEST lunch a couple of days ago.  I saw this recipe on a blog, and within an hour had been to the grocery store, made the salad, and was eating it.  
It had tons of veggies, rice noodles, cashews, and a really light coconut milk, red curry, and lime dressing.  Here's the thing:  I made it for my friend and I to have for lunch, so it was a pretty big salad.  But then she couldn't come over.  And I ate the whole thing by myself, no problem.  But you don't have to feel guilty about eating tons of salad, right?  (even if your salad was heavy on the cashews and rice noodles?)


  1. Afton you would love to work at PF Changs! They have a dish there called Coconut Curry Veggies, I think you would live it! It is made with a fried silken tofu but you could substitute it with chicken!The best part about working there is I could sample all the food all the time!