Thursday, June 21, 2012

The gaping hole in my literary education

I'm embarrassed to say this, but the are two major categories of books that I've never read. 

1.  I have never read anything by Charles Dickens

2.  And I have never read anything by a Russian.

So I decided to start reading A Tale of Two Cities.  I have started this book at least five times, but now I am on page 39, which is way farther than I have ever gotten before. 
 Here are my opinions about it so far.  It is confusing!  After I read the first three chapters, I had to go read the sparknotes for those chapters to make sure I understood what was going on!  Fortunately, I was right about what I thought was happening, so now I am reading with more confidence.  Secondly, it is boring.  Like SO boring.  Someone please tell me it becomes less so?  Soon?


  1. That is some people's favorite book ever and I didn't think it is that great. I seriously read the chapter about the mail carriage like ten times before I made it any farther. But it does get better.

  2. I thought "Oliver Twist" and "Great Expectations" were way more entertaining than TO2C. It has been awhile since I read TO2C, but it seems to me that it tried to shed light on the politics and general strife of the time. The story kind of gets lost in that. Having said that I remember though that the plot thickens and becomes more interesting later in the book. Once I also tried reading David Copperfield. Ugh, I quit after 1 chapter.

    1. Well, now I feel like I should quite TO2C and start Great Expectations instead!

  3. Afton - stick with it! I loved it - you just have to get used to the old english and after awhile you do.

  4. PS: Stay away from the Russians - they are so depressing :(

  5. Keep reading it gets really good. So good I screamed out loud in the BYU library while reading, that is not a joke or an understatement. I also laughed out loud on the bus at a different point. Having said that I am not a big Dicken's fan. I've read David Copperfield half way through three different times and have never made it to the end. And I agree with the russian comment, depressing or all of the sudden soemone attacks someone else with an axe. I had to read way too many russian authors in college. But another classic that made me scream out loud was wurthering heights, you've probably read it but if not give it a go

  6. I love this book! I'm in love with Sydney! I was in tears by the end. Towards the end of recalled to life you get to where you can't put it down!