Friday, June 15, 2012

Violet's first birthday party

Let me clarify...

This is the first birthday party Violet has ever attended.  Violet's first birthday and the subsequent party are in about a month.
Julia is just about Violet's favorite person in the world, and she turned two yesterday!  The party was so fun.  It was on the roof of Julia's apartment building, and they had a baby pool and a water table set up. Thank goodness the big kids spent most of the time in the pool and left Violet to her own devices at the water table.  She was pretty overwhelmed when she had to play with the other kids.  But she seemed to have fun!  And it was fun for me to be there with all MY friends who have kids that are Violet's friends.  My friend Lauren, Julia's mom, did a great job preparing all the food; it was delicious!

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