Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two things about Miss Violet today

1.  She is finally getting another tooth!  She got her first four pretty early, and then didn't get another one for a long time.  I think it will cut through today.

Because there is no way she would ever let me take a picture of her new tooth, here is an old picture with a new graphic, so you know exactly which tooth is coming in.  Because of course you care about that.

2.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to shower with Violet around.  She thinks the greatest entertainment in the world is throwing back the shower curtain while you are in there.  Here is what she looked like by the end of my shower:
If you can't tell, she is soaked.  Also, I just realized my sports bra is in the background of that picture; how embarrassing.


  1. Mostly I am surprised that you had your cell phone so handy while you were showering.

  2. Well well, aren't you a sleuth. I got back in the tub with my cellphone after I got dressed so I could get the picture.