Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch at the Park

A couple of days ago, when Violet and I finished lunch and had nothing planned for the long day still ahead of us, we headed off to the park.  As we were walking there, Glenn called and said he had an extra long lunch and wanted to meet us!  Since I had everything I needed for the park and was already walking there, he decided to meet us there!

Before he arrived, Violet had fun pretending to put this piece of cereal up her nose, laughing the whole time.
Glenn got Indian food and brought it to the park to eat.  He fed Violet little pieces of the naan, which she loved.  She yelled, "NAAN NAAN NAAN" while she chewed it up, which made us laugh.  (obviously, that is just a syllable she yells when she eats sometimes, but it was still funny)
It is always fun being at the park with my two favorite people, and Violet is in heaven when she gets to see her dad in the middle of the day!


  1. Three good pictures of Violet! You should always blog like this!

  2. She is looking so grown up! I loved meeting Paul in the middle of the day during school because it was a nice little break in the day for me - and because we loved to see him :)