Monday, June 11, 2012

So close

Some of you may have seen my facebook post on Friday night that said Violet had taken her first steps.  We were so excited!  She took some steps three separate times on Friday night, and I was sure that within a few days she wold be walking all over the place.

Well, fast forward to the present, and she is yet to taken another step.  She also doesn't trust us at all anymore.  She won't even stand up holding our hands because she knows we are going to let go!  So we've stopped trying to encourage her for now.  You know I'll let you know when she tries it again!
(in the meantime, she has settled for pushing this chair all over the house)

1 comment:

  1. woohoo Go Violet! Those first few steps are the best! It's crazy how they get crawling so fast that when they learn a new skill like walking, it seems you have a one week break where you feel like you can actually keep up with them.....and then they catch on so quickly and then you can never keep up with them :)