Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A date to Wurstkuche

This weekend, Glenn and I went on a date!  It has been a while.  Here is how it happened:  Last week, one of Glenn's classmates told him about a restaurant that they love downtown.  When they showed him the menu, he knew I would love it!  So our friends kindly watched Violet for an hour while we went out to lunch on Saturday.

The place is called Wurstkuche.  It is in this crazy neighborhood near Little Tokyo;  all big warehouses that look kind of abandoned, except that each one is covered in colorful murals.  I guess the neighborhood was kind of artsy/hipster, but also kind of made me nervous.  The actual restaurant wasn't rundown at all, it was super nice.
PLEASE take a look at the menu.  And then tell me how much you are dying to go there with me next time you are visiting!  It is all bratwurst and fries.  Some of the sausages are crazy, like the rattlesnake one, or the alligator one.  We ordered more normal ones:  I got the Austin Blues and Glenn got the Filipino one, and both were delicious.  Here's the thing: I was totally planning on taking a really good picture of our food as soon as it came to our table to share with you, but that plan went out the window.  We were starving and the food looked AMAZING, and I didn't remember about the picture until we both just had a little nub of our sausage left.  But here it is anyway.
We both got ours with carmelized onions and sweet peppers.  We also ordered the fries (so crispy and brown!) with two dipping sauces.  We chose the bleu cheese-bacon-walnut, which was our favorite, and the curry ketchup, which was also good.  

It was my favorite place I've eaten in a while, and I can't wait to take someone there!  In fact, while we were there, I think I told Glenn three times, "We have to bring Courtney and Judson here, they would love it!"  So Courtney and Judson, you're stuck, I'm definitely bringing you if you ever visit us again.


  1. Dad would love it too - if we hadn't just decided that we better stick to salads, fruits, etc. That is after we have our albondiga soup tomorrow :)

  2. As I was reading I was thinking how much I wanted to go there, and then you said that! I love being in your blog.

  3. That sounds delicious! I am going to try the alligator one.