Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our trip in instant photos - part 2 (the last part)

One of the highlights of our trip to Arizona was my family's talent show!  My mom told us a few weeks before we came that for family home evening we would be having a talent show, so to get ready!  For my talent, I decided to make dinner for the family.  I also helped Glenn with his talent and we learned a piano duet together!  We played "A Whole New World".  It was magical.

I made homemade pasta.  I love that picture of everyone getting ready to help me throw the pasta in the water all at once!

To wrap up, here is what everyone else did for their talents:  My dad also played the piano, Kenny juggled, Judson and Courtney did an awesome dance they made up, Annie made the best cookies ever, and my mom started a family scrapbook for each of us.  It was such a fun night! 

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  1. Those pics scanned better than they looked in real life! I liked this post :)