Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The True Test Of My Spanish Speaking Skills

Before we left for Arizona almost three weeks ago, I asked my next door neighbor if she would water my basil plant while I was gone.  She speaks NO English, so I did the asking in the best Spanish I could muster (while her husband stood by and translated my Spanish into better Spanish.  ?????????)  I figured the true test of how well I did was if my basil was still alive when I got home!

So here are the results:

My precious pot of basil went from this:
To this!!

I was so pleased when I got home and it was flourishing!  However, today is the day I to thin it out.  It is going to be sad to pull out some of it, but I will save what I pull out and put it on our pasta tonight!


  1. Must have been pretty good spanish!

  2. This post made me laugh. Also I am relieved about your basil (truly - I thought the "before" picture was the "after picture before I finished reading).

  3. first of all, courtney is funny. second of all, i'm growing basil right now too- you're supposed to thin it out?! i've never grown it before! i can't wait until mine is flourishing like yours!!!