Monday, April 30, 2012

The trip in instant photos - Part 1

So I missed posting the last 5 days of our trip, but I did better than last time!  Oh well.  To catch you up, here are some of the pictures from the trip.  My parents have an instant camera (like a polaroid,  but new) and we had so much fun taking pictures of everything!  Unfortunately, my scanner will only scan about 3 things before it gives up for the day, so I have to wait until tomorrow to scan anymore pictures.  Let me know if you know why my scanner does that and how to fix it.

With her cousins!
She LOVED my parents' toys.  Why is it that babies always like other people's toys more than their own?
With her grandpa!

The trip was so fun, but we are happy to be back.  I am sure Glenn's family's dog, Smores, and my family's cat, Belle are very relieved that we are gone.  Violet didn't give them a moment's peace while we were there!  They had to really rest up when she was taking her naps so they'd have the energy to escape from her when she woke up!

p.s. sorry the font is tiny.  Blogger is only letting me do it tiny or huge.  Sorry mom, I picked tiny.

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  1. Apology accepted. The first thing I said when I started readings was "why did Afton use such a tiny font?" I am glad you didn't do it on purpose and it's not the new norm.

    We loved having you here and I bet deep down - Belle is missing you too :)