Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project completed!

Yesterday, I shared a teaser photo with you of a project I had started for Violet's room.  Well, I finished! 

The walls in her room were completely bare, and I saw this tutorial a while back.  Basically, if you go to fed-ex office, they can print giant pictures for you in black and white for $4!  So I picked two pictures of us at the beach with Violet:
And rode my bike to fed-ex office, got them printed in 20x30.  Then rode my bike home carrying 20x30 prints.  You can tell in my picture from yesterday how big they are:
They took up the whole dining room table!  Or couch.  Or bed.  These pictures were definitely in the way while the project was in progress.  Every time we needed to eat, or sit on the couch, or go to bed we had to move them again.  

Anyway, here is what they look like now!
They are just mounted on double thick foam board with double sided tape.  It is nice to finally have something on the walls in Violet's room!


  1. That looks so nice! Also, I think you mean "something" not "sometime."

  2. That looks awesome. Good job picking great pictures too!

  3. I was literally asking Casey last night to decide between which 2 pictures I should choose to blow up today! How ironic you just did it, yours looks great!

  4. The pictures look great - good project!