Friday, May 4, 2012

Violet the Smarty-pants

This is Violet's bathmat.  It is also her new favorite toy.  Yesterday she carried it around with her everywhere she wanted to play and used it as a nice cushy seat.  One time I even found her laying on it on her tummy.  Just resting.  

It seems like since Violet started eating food, she is getting way smarter.  Probably not related, but it sure seems like it!  Here are some of the smart things (for a nine month old) that she has been doing lately:

* When Glenn makes the Chewbacca sound, she crawls right over to her stuffed Chewy and picks him up.

* When we read "Where is baby's bellybutton?" to her, she lifts up all the flaps herself and squeals delightedly when she reveals the baby.

* The other day I was laying on my side in her room and she was trying to climb over me but couldn't.  So she pushed her bongo drums right up to my tummy, stepped up on them, and then climbed over me!

*  I am pretty sure she waved goodbye at someone on the street yesterday.

*  She can kind of put the shapes into her shape-o block.

I can't think of anything else right now.  Don't feel bad if you don't think she sounds as smart as I seem to think she is;  I'm a little biased.  :)
p.s. this is my other choice for the size of the font.  I hate it.  If anyone knows how to get the font somewhere between tiny and giant, like how I used to have it before they changed blogger, let me know.


  1. Wish I knew! PS that last picture is SO precious! I just love those chocolate-y dark eyes! (At least that's the way they look in pictures. ;) It's so exciting when they do something that you didn't even know they noticed before, isn't it? They learn so FAST!

  2. I like the big font way better than the small font. The bongo drum thing is so smart! And that was a really cute picture of her.

  3. You should post the pictures of Violet with her Zebra, and then say that I gave it to her!