Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The First Harvest

As you may remember, last time we spoke of my basil plant, it was doing very well.  Last night I harvested for the first time!  See how well it was doing?
Practically a basil-forest!  I went overboard on the harvest and clipped far more than I was able to use in dinner.  

Here is what we had:
So good!  One of my friends brought this salad to a party, and it was so good I asked for the recipe.  It came from here, but my friend seemed to have changed a lot of things, so I didn't follow the recipe too carefully anyway.  Basically it is lentils and couscous with garlic vinaigrette, and then I added chopped basil, mint, tomatoes, goat cheese, and lots of spinach.  I actually also added a little chicken per Glenn's request, but he didn't even get a piece of chicken in his first serving because it was all kind of at the bottom, and he loved it right off the bat!


  1. I thought for a second you made this dish with quinoa. I bet it'd be good with it, though. Sounds like this was amazing! Basil is my favorite herb!!! Oh, hey, not that this is set in stone or anything, but Kenny and I are thinking of making a CA trip before the move because once we're in MO we won't get many chances to hit up the beach! Can we play with you guys for a day? We're thinking mid-July...

    1. YES! I want to join you at the beach. Vi will probably be walking by then, won't she be cute at the beach?

  2. That basil dish looks amazing - you make food look so good!