Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wedding

Here's the happy couple!
When the bride and groom are both this good-looking, every picture turns out beautiful!

I posted the following picture on facebook, sure that a sweeter picture was never taken:

But then I saw this one, which definitely rivals the first one in sweetness:
Have I mentioned that Glenn is the best dad in the world?

Incidentally, Glenn was not originally planning on coming to the wedding because of school. But then he decided he really wanted to be there, so he surprised Courtney and Judson and drove down all by himself late Friday night! It was the so wonderful to have him there for the festivities. The whole wedding was so fun! Courtney and my mom did a great job of making every detail interesting and perfect. Congratulations to Courtney and Judson!


  1. She looks so pretty. And Violet is so so so adorable

  2. courtney looked so so beautiful. and happy. love that.

    violets looks beautiful & happy too. (: