Monday, January 23, 2012


How's that for an acronym? We live near Koreatown, and have been wanting to try Korean BBQ. I think I mentioned that one of Glenn's New Years Resolutions is to do fun things as a family every Saturday, and try to see new parts of the city.

We looked online for "best KBBQ in LA" and a place called San Ya kept popping up, so we went! We didn't know what to expect at all. The waiter took pity on us and showed us what to do. Basically, you are served a bunch of small side dishes (like kimchi, mashed potato-ish stuff, bean sprouts, etc). Then, you choose a few kinds of meat you want to try and they bring it to you raw. Then, you cook it on a grill in the middle of your table. We chose pork with bean sprouts, marinated pork, marinated chicken, and angus beef. It was all really good. My favorite was the marinated pork, but Glenn's favorite was the pork with bean sprouts, and I thought that one was delicious too. It was all you can eat (AYCE), so we were stuffed by the end!
The only downside? You leave with your clothes and hair and skin REEKING of Korean BBQ. I had to take a shower when we got home.

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  1. mmmm korean BBQ. Yum! We had some really good stuff in China.