Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I made some this year! And I'm really excited about them:

1. Be a vegetarian for them month of February. (I've been collecting recipes like crazy. See some I'm really excited about: here and here.)

2. Start a book club in my ward. Any suggestions for our first book would be greatly appreciated.

3. Run a triathalon. Probably will tackle this in the summer.

4. Gosh darn it. I know there is another one. I just can't think of it.

What are your New Years Resolutions???

p.s. Last night, Glenn and I decided it is time for Violet to start sleeping through the night. She is old enough to not to eat five times a night anymore. She is even old enough to not to eat AT ALL at night anymore. So we decided that I would not feed her last night. And guess what? We made it through the night! She actually only woke up once, at 3:30, and cried for about an hour and then went back to sleep. It was a very sad hour for me. And for her, I'm sure. But after she went back to sleep, she slept til 7 and woke up happy! And I was super excited to feed her to show her I still cared about her. The end. That was a long post-script. Bonus picture:

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