Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It feels good to be back home! Our trip to Arizona was long and awesome. This afternoon as we were getting stuff done and settling back in, I said to Glenn, "Too bad we can't live at our parents' houses all the time." I didn't really mean it, I love being independent from our parents and all, but it is so awesome having someone cook your meals and play with your baby while you read all day long! Also, I really loved hanging out with my family, it was so fun playing games and just having them around all the time.

Here's why I didn't post more often:
We were too busy jigsawing.

How ridiculous/funny is this picture I tried to take of all four of us?
Here is a better one:
More about our trip tomorrow! And you'll never believe all the new things Violet is learning to do!


  1. I really loved going home for the long Christmas break the last couple of years. Violet is getting SO big! It happens so fast.

  2. Yay! I am glad you are back to blogging - I missed your blog :)

  3. we love puzzles. someday when we live in the same state, we should get together & jigsaw together.

  4. Becky, jigsawing with you and Cade and Glenn sounds like my idea of a good time.