Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Violet and her skills

As I mentioned yesterday, Violet is doing all sorts of new things these days! It was fun that we were with our families while she was changing so quickly!

1. Violet has two teeth! She got them both in the same 24 hours. They are her mandibular central incisors. I tried to take a picture, but she sticks her tongue out every time you try to look. It is pretty cute though, so I'll post that picture:

2. She can roll over! She was a little late learning how to do that, so I was really excited when it finally happened. She done it a couple times a day since the first time. Incidentally, she did it the first time last Tuesday, which was also the day she got her teeth. A big day for the little girl!

3. She eats solid food! Kind of. I can't believe they actually classify rice cereal as "solid food". It looks as thin as milk to me. We started her on it two nights ago. She doesn't swallow much of the time, but she eagerly opens her mouth for the spoon! We documented the first time:

p.s. I'm wearing one of my Christmas presents for the first time today. IT IS SO AWESOME!
Photo on 2012-01-04 at 07.31
(Hey Annie, it fits perfectly! Thanks!)


  1. YAYYYYYYY! It looks great on you! Now we just need a picture of Glenn and Violet in their outfits!

  2. Coolest shirt ever!! Where did she get it?

  3. I posted about it once on my blog, and it was from an online shop. I pretty sure that is where she got it!