Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lately I've been on a cottage cheese kick. It is just so delicious! But a girl can/should only eat so much of it straight from the carton, so I needed a plan for using some of it up.

Glenn didn't have school today, so we went running this morning, and then I made pancakes (aka Glenn's most favorite food in the world). AND THEY WERE SO GOOD! They were blueberry-cottage cheese pancakes, and they were amazing. One of my least favorite things in the world are flat, pale pancakes. These were fluffy and golden brown, spiked with cinnamon, loaded with blueberries, and tangy and moist from the cottage cheese.
I got the recipe here, and mostly followed it, but I used wheat flour, and it made them so good.
p.s. Glenn still says he likes my oatmeal pancakes the best, but these were my favorites I've ever made. fyi.


  1. you describe your food like a resident foodie. well done. too bad violet doesn't like cottage cheese pancakes yet. total bummer. but i'd like some!

  2. Annie, it means pancakes in German! Glenn took German in high school. Naturally, he calls them Pfannkuchen instead of pancakes.

  3. first of all, yay for making your blog unprivate! now i can look/stalk your blog and covet your family life with kiddlings.

    2nd- cottage cheese pancakes are the best! that's how i make them too! we've started adding like a half cup oatmeal to them too and it's like a perfect mix between the oatmeal and cottage cheese recipes.

    3rd- i dare you to try adding half a can blueberry pie filling to blueberry pancakes. it's out of this world!

    4th- on courtney's wedding blog post, all those pics were mine except the first 2, i think those were mitchell's

    5th- violet is absolutely adorable! so glad we were able to see you guys!

    6th- after learning you guys are at USC i was really wanting to go there too since we'd know someone! blah for 7 years in the cold, freezing nebraska and wyoming for us!

  4. those look & sound absolutely amazing. cottage cheese is amazing stuff. did you know renee hatch puts it in her tortillas?

    mmm. i kinda want to run to the store and grab some cottage cheese now.