Monday, January 9, 2012

A Surpise Visit and a Suprise Calling!

(The most recent LeSueur family picture. Can you believe everyone was there at one time?? They all turned out beautiful, this one is blurry because it is a cell phone picture of a computer screen.)

Glenn's parents came to visit us this weekend! It was a total surprise, and so fun to have them here, even though it was for less than 24 hours. Here's why they came:

On Friday night, Glenn found his lost cell phone. It had been gone for about two days. On it, there was a voicemail saying he needed to call the stake president before Sunday. So on Friday night, GLenn did so. They set up a meeting for Saturday morning and said his wife needed to come too. They called him to be the second counselor in the bishopric of our ward!

We called GLenn's parents after the meeting to tell them. And then, at about 7 at night, they called to tell us they were halfway to LA! They decided to drive out to be there for the sustaining and setting apart. It was really cool to have them there, and I'm just glad we got to see them. Also, Terri held Violet all day at church, so I actually got to listen to all of relief society. (I'm going to try out something new here:) #haven'tdonethatinsixmonths

Did I use that number symbol thingy right? Courtney? Anybody? All of the sudden those were popping up everywhere, and I have no idea what they actually mean. Or how everyone else knows how and why to use them and I don't.


  1. hahaha i feel the exact same way about those #'s!! i just don't get it. did i miss out on something??

  2. You used it right! You are such a smarty. Also, I am defective somehow because whenever anyone says something like, "Sorry this turned out blurry," I think to myself, "It looks so focused to me..."

  3. I thought the picture was beautiful - and I didn't notice any blur either :)

  4. Whoa, are you serious? They called him to be in the bishopric? He is going to be a bust guy!
    Oh hi! Found your blog Afton, i hope everything is going great for you guys in California!