Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Success: Veggie Burgers

I have tried making veggie burgers in the past.  As you may remember, they were ok, but not great.  They always just tasted too bean-y, like I was eating a bean burrito instead of a burger.  Well, then Glenn got me this book for Easter:
And I found a recipe in it for the most delicious looking mushroom-brown rice burger.  The recipe was definitely more involved than other bean burger recipes I have tried, but I was hoping the extra work would pay off.  Well it did!  These burgers were awesome!
We ate them on English muffins with spinach and tons of avocado.  The recipe made six huge patties, and as proof that they really were good, Violet ate a whole patty all by herself!  The texture was perfect; they didn't fall apart at all, which is an issue I've had with bean burgers in the past.  

(Note to Annie [because she has this cookbook and might actually make these soon]: don't skimp on the fennel seeds.  It makes it taste like sausage!)